The Pharmakl Clinical Bioavailability Center is located in Institute of Aviation Medicine in Prague. This modern facility enables comfortable accommodation of the study subjects (up to 32) and is ready to provide all necessary medical services during the study.

Pharmakl has created a numerous pool of healthy volunteers which accelerates the trial recruitment and enrolment process. Studies on subjects with selected diagnosis can be performed in cooperation with specialized hospital departments.

The trained and competent Pharmakl medical staff provide 24 hours/day constant medical supervision of the volunteers during the study. All crucial steps of the clinical part of the study (drug administration, blood sampling, sample handling etc.) are supervised by independent quality assurance inspector under the quality control program.

All studies are approved by the Ethic Committee of Pharmakl. The members of Ethic Committee are both professionals with the medicine education and those with other kind of qualification to ensure the complex view on the trial and secure the well-being of subjects.

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